A Psychological Treatment Center for Experiential Play 
   Therapy and Parent-Child Relationship Development.


                               PSYCHOLOGIST - PLAY THERAPIST  

Childhood Is Calling®LLC
 was founded in 2010 by Daniel J. Gallegos, Jr., PhD, RPT/S, EPT/D.  It was created for the purpose of treating children and their parents (or other caretakers), and adults who struggle with emotional and behavioral regulatory issues (i.e., emotional instability, behavioral acting out, problem solving limitations, adjustment issues, trauma behaviors, family-of-origin issues).  Dr. Dan's education, training, and clinical experiences give him a wealth of knowledge and resources to share with his young clients (and their caretakers) and adults.   

Mostly due to the findings that have emerged over the last two decades from a range of scientific disciplines (including those studying nutrition, attachment, child development, communication, emotion, evolution, complex systems, information processing, memory, trauma and neurobiology), Dr. Dan and many mental health professionals now better understand that "traditional approaches" or "conventional interventions" with misbehaving or traumatized children, have significant limitations that prevent us from relating effectively to them.  In addition to better understanding the limitations of conventional interventions, ". . . current neuro science provides us with new insights into how [interpersonal] experience shapes mental processes." – Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. 

Daniel J. Gallegos, Jr.

Dr. Dan earned his doctoral degree in 1992 from The University of Texas at Austin.  His program of study in the Department of Educational Psychology was Counseling Psychology. His training emphasized psychotherapy and psychological evaluations with children, adolescents and adults. 

Over his 20-years of practice in the field of psychology, Dr. Dan has worked with numerous children, adolescents, adults and families in play, individual, group, and family therapies.  He has worked in various settings, including The Methodist Children's Home in Waco, Texas, The Lubbock Independent School District in Lubbock, Texas, The Pecos Independent Schools in Pecos, New Mexico, and the San Felipe Pueblo, in San Felipe, New Mexico.  At the present time Dr. Dan works with children and adolescents whose parents or caretakers are in relatively stable relationships.  Also, he works with children and adolescents of single parents who have sole (not joint) legal custody of their children.  Adults without children or adults who are wanting treatment just for themselves (and not for their children) are welcome to see Dr. Dan for individual counseling or psychotherapy.

New Mexico Psychologist License: 0816
Texas Psychologist License: 2-5095
Texas Licensed Specialist in School Psychology License: 3-0083
Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor Certificate Number:  S-1550, certified by Association for Play Therapy.
Diplomate - Experiential Play Therapy (EPT)®, certified by The Center for Experiential Play Therapy.

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