A Psychological Treatment Center for Experiential Play 
   Therapy and Parent-Child Relationship Development.




                                 Tender Elf                                             Marvels

                  The greatest poem ever known                           "You never
                  Is one all poets have outgrown                             grow old
                  The poetry innate, untold                                   until you've
                  Of only being four years old                                lost all your
                  Still young enough to be a part
                  Of nature's great impulsive heart                       - Merry Browne
Born comrade of bird, beast and tree
                  And unselfconscious as the bee

                  And yet with lovely reason skilled          
                  Each day new paradise to build                   
                  Elate explorer of each sense                        
                  Without dismay, without pretense

                  In your unstained transparent eyes                     
                  There is no conscience, no surprise
                  Life's queer conundrums you accept                         
                  Your strange divinity still kept

                  And life that sets all things in rhyme
                  May make you poet too in time
                  But there were days, O tender elf
                  When you were poetry itself!

                                                   - Christopher Morley

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