A Psychological Treatment Center for Experiential Play 
   Therapy and Parent-Child Relationship Development.

Daniel J. Gallegos, Jr., PhD, RPT-S, EPT-D

    A Psychological Treatment Center  
 for Experiential Play Therapy and Parent-Child Relationship Development

Licensed Counseling/Child Psychologist in New Mexico and Texas
Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor with the Association for Play Therapy, California
Diplomate-Experiential Play Therapy® with The Center for Experiential Play Therapy, Colorado 

         "If there is anything we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see          
whether it is not
something that could be better changed in ourselves." 
 - Carl Gustav Jung, Swiss Psychiatrist (1875-1961) 

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."
 - Plato, Ancient Greek "Athenian" Philosopher (428/427 BCE to 348/347 BCE) 

"The best time to influence the character of a child is 100-years before they are born."
 - William Ralph Inge, Professor of Divinity at Cambridge University (1860-1954) 

"Unfortunately [or Fortunately] so much of our early life depends on who are parents are,
and the state of our parents, their mental health
 - John Elliot Bradshaw, American Educator, Counselor, Theologian,
 and NY Times Best Selling Author (1933-2016) 

•  Are a developing child's tools for mastery, social interaction and reciprocation (i.e., giving in return).
•  Represent a child's identity (i.e., uniqueness, character).
•  Provide an avenue of security for a child to express himself or herself safely.
•  Are extensions of a child's being (i.e., spirit, essence).
•  Are projections of a child's thoughts and feelings.
•  Are symbols that represent a child's existence and meaning.

 ...says, International Educator, Trainer, Supervisor and Developer of Experiential Play Therapy®, Dr. Byron E. Norton  

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